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Meshrefet is playing drama by girliely invoking ISIS in order to scare the shiyat out of his Amharu enemies.

Post by Abdelaziz » 12 Sep 2019, 01:31

The 7th king should stop being drama queen, he is playing with fire, hoping to scare Amharu and to keep them away from demonstrating next Saturday. His G7 adviser the ugly [ deleted ] named Biramtu is terribly childish, he takes wedimedhin's foolish advices and passes it to meshrefet. Wow,
even the Muslim chief of staff, former weyane tegadalay and still loyal weyane, refused to play in the ISIS game. kkkkkk Poor Birhanu Jula reluctantly announced the fake news that was being cooked since 4 years ago , but t he intentionally did a sloppy job. Everyone in Addis, I'm told, is laughing about this silly albeit ultimately dangerous meshrefet-style game. Tell your friends to ignore Meshrefet's ISIS guys, they are paper tigers, unless he himself is planning to blow up himself.