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Gāllä became Muslim only after King Tewodros II 1800s not Ahmed gragn

Post by fasil1235 » 11 Sep 2019, 22:49

Oromos converted to Islam during the 1800s

The hararis were overwhelmed with these Pagan gallas and couldn’t convert them to Islam.

Only Jimma and Wolo Oromo became Muslim before 1850

90% of Oromos converted to Islam because of Harar Sultanate using their Galla anger for Ethiopian empire and telling them if they don’t convert to Islam they will become like the habesha. (Harari is habesha :lol: )

Arsi Oromos and Hararghe Oromos converted to Islam through hatred for Christian abysinnia

Jimma became Muslim because of Muslim deceiver and merchants from Yemen. In 1860

In basic words the Galla can trace his pagan ancestors not that long ago because his ancestors are all recent converts to abrahamic religions