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Ethiopia must recruit lots of spies in Masjids

Post by Ethwar » 11 Sep 2019, 22:47

The recruitment for these radical Muslims starts in the masjid, the intel services need to have spies embedded within the masjids. We need to recruit imams who can spy for the intelligence department. The war on radical Islam will involve lots of spies and that means phones conversation have to be spied on and internet service have to be spied on as-well.

Video surveillance has to be setup
Phones have to be tapped
Internet service has to be accessed - All non-protected data.
Trojan horse attacks need to be deployed.

Every Jihadists need to be on 24/7 surveillance till they lead us to the bigger fish aka the ones who are running the game... :lol: :lol: :lol:

We need constant surveillance on masjids in all of Ethiopoia.