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halafi Megedi, Agames Are the Last to Pontificate about Identity. Remember, You Were Happy Ethiopians for 27 Years

Post by sesame » 11 Sep 2019, 18:39

It is a well-known fact that Agames are like a whoore. They can be whatever the current situation demands. Meles Zenawi and the Entire TPLF leaders were ardent Marxist-Lenists who never stopped denouncing US imperialism. But it took them no time to became the condom of US imperialism. The Agames who fought for 17 years to become an independent people, became happy Ethiopians when they could loot. Now thatthey have been kicked out of Ethiopia, they have found out that they are after all just agames. And since that is aq useless identity, they want to become Eritreans.

Agame, we will never have anything with you. You are a trashy people, thieves, prostitutes and beggars.