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Re: [አሳዛኝ ዜና ከጅማ] An Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido priest beheaded in Jimma

Post by Awlachew » 11 Sep 2019, 23:37

Be aware people ! This is fake news spread by religious and ethnic extremist to incite violence and mayhem among poor citizens. That's what happens when your only source of info is the Facebook and other private chats of sick bigots.

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Re: [አሳዛኝ ዜና ከጅማ] An Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido priest beheaded in Jimma

Post by Revelations » 12 Sep 2019, 03:55

Awlachew wrote:
11 Sep 2019, 23:37
Be aware people ! This is fake news spread by religious and ethnic extremist to incite violence and mayhem among poor citizens. That's what happens when your only source of info is the Facebook and other private chats of sick bigots.
Did the main media ever report this one or other acts of terror? They didn't even report the statement of the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church. You can't just right off info from facebook and other social media. Did the perpetrators of this crime get any punishment that can be verified?

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Re: [አሳዛኝ ዜና ከጅማ] An Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido priest beheaded in Jimma

Post by yaballo » 12 Sep 2019, 04:36


If I were you, I wouldn't try to exploit the actions of few thugs in Oromia for your silly ethnic-degrading politics considering that you come from a Kilil where people are stoned-to-death almost on weekly basis simply because of some voodoo-ish rumours. Some of these accused people were stoned-to-death simply for being "a buda" [evil eyed person/s]; "child stealers"; "injectors of poison into people"; "evil muslims"; "pagan gallas", "metetegnya shanqila gumuzes", "leba tigres", etc.

For example & few months ago, a group of medical researchers from Addis Ababa University were stoned-to-death in the most blood-curdling fashion by a mob in a district in your own Gojam province. A month or two later, a group of people were stone-to-death in a district in Wollo because of a rumour that they were "pagan gallas out there to steal children"; etc.

Let's not even start on the mob killings of hundreds of villagers - mostly sleeping women & children - in Benishangul-Gumuz & Agew/Qimant regions in north-western Ethiopia by blood-thirsty ethnic Amhara thugs! .. Most of these were burnt-to-death by Amhara mobs who torched their grass-thatched huts. Even farm animals were not spared from this heinous acts of SHEER SAVAGERY :oops: :oops: :oops:

Hence, people who live in glass houses do what?? Good man. Here are BBC reports (video & text reports) on those recent heinous mob crimes in Amhara kilil.

1) - photo: a man stoned-to-death by a mob of primitive thugs in South Africa - like those who stoned-to-death University researchers in Gojjam, Amhara Kilil.

2) - photo: farm animals of the Qimant/Agew people were delibrately burnt-t-death by ethnic Amhara thugs in 2019. Hundreds of women & children were also burnt to death in a similar fashion.Pictures of the charred bodies of those people are too gruesome/disturbing to post here! :oops: :oops:.

3) - "BBC: Last October, three scientists in Ethiopia went to investigate diseases at a local school. A rumour led to two of them being killed by a mob. The surviving member of the team spoke to BBC Africa's Factfinder about what happened." (VIDEO/report).

VIDEO/report/BBC - Amharic: ... 5397/?t=31

4) - Mob action costs two researchers’ lives in Gonji-Qola Woreda, Gojjam. THE REPORTER; 27 October 2018.

By Dawit Endeshaw

With the growing level of sporadic violence happening around the country, three researchers became the latest victims of mob attack where the two were stoned to death and one was critically injured in West Gojjam Zone of the Amhara Regional State, The Reporter has learnt.

The incident occurred in the afternoon of October 23, 2018, where Wossen Tafere, a researcher and a PhD candidate at the Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources and his friend, Mandfero Abi, were killed while conducting a research at a school in West Gojiam Zone, Gonji Kola Wereda at a town called Addis Alem.

In addition, Hailyesus Mulu, a lab technician who works in the same town where the attack had occurred and was assigned by the woreda health office to assist the two researchers, was also critically injured in incident and is now receiving treatment in Feleghiwot Hospital in Bahir Dar.

The main researcher, Wossen, was conducting a field research entitled “Estimation of Disease Burden Attributable to Poor Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) Provision in Two Districts of the Amhara Region, Ethiopia – A Comparative Study”.

“For this purpose, Wossen went to the area in July, 2018,” Mamo Kassegn, a colleague of Wossen told The Reporter.

Born and raised in the same area where he was killed, Wossen’s research was inspired by his childhood experience where he wanted to explore the reasons behind why children in the area always suffer stomach pains, said Mamo.

“He was a very committed and hardworking person and the news of his tragic end was very shocking for us,” he said.

Upon his travel to the area, Wossen went to schools in Gonji Kola Wereda, mainly to gather saliva and feces from primary school students. Particularly, on the day of the killing, he and his friend Mandefero, along with the aforementioned lab technicians were collecting samples in Addis Alem Primary School.

Mandfero, upon recently returning from Europe receiving his PhD was there just to help his friend, according to sources from the area.

“The deceased researcher came to our wereda with all the needed legal requirements which include letters from Ethiopian Public Health Institute and Zonal Health Bureau,” Achu Abebaw, head of health office at the Wereda told The Reporter.

“We know them and we gave them the permission to conduct the research,” said Anemaw Dagnachew, communication director of West Gojjam Zone.

“I wrote a letter to all concerned offices in our wereda, including schools, to cooperate with the researcher,” Achu told The Reporter.

However, things took a turn to worst following the unfounded rumors circulating in the town on the day of the killing.

A group of youths in the area spread a rumor about the two researchers saying that they were administrating injections and vaccinations to students. The youth also disseminated a false claim that the students who received the injections form the researchers were filling ill and dying, according to multiple of sources from the area.

This unfounded and totally false information agitated the public, The Reporter has learnt.

Following this, hundreds of people went to the school where the researchers were taking samples and began attacking them. They were attacked by stones and dragged on to the streets.

“The situation was very difficult and it was beyond the capacity of the woreda police force,” Achu recalled. They even tried to attack the director of the Addis Alem Primary School.

After the killings, there was also an attempt to burn the body of the deceased. Finally, the mob was dispersed by a special police force.

In the same day, a couple by the name Elias Abdi and Tsedy Chekol, who lives in Addis Ababa and went to the area for unrelated reasons were also attacked by the same mob. The couple nearly escaped but the car they were driving was burnt down by the mob, according to Anemaw.

Just a few months back, researchers who went to study the level of HIV Prevalence in Bahir Dar were also attacked in the same way, according to reports.

Moreover, two health workers in the same woreda were also reported to be badly beaten by a mob.

Such incidents are deterring health extension workers to conduct their work. “No health extension worker in our woreda is now willing to go to rural areas,” Achu said.

“We heard about the incident. It was caused by lack of awareness,” Abebaw Gebeyehu, head of Amhara Health Bureau told The Reporter.

Both of the deceased were born and raised in the same Zone where the incident had occurred.

In the meantime, the woreda police arrested close 30 individuals who are allegedly accused of orchestrating the attack.

SOURCE: ... hers-lives
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Re: [አሳዛኝ ዜና ከጅማ] An Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido priest beheaded in Jimma

Post by Ethoash » 12 Sep 2019, 08:13

dr. Ebola

what make all those 3 case the same

the case in South Africa
the case in ሻሸመኔ
and the case in Amhara

no body brought to court .. in South Africa case there is clear picture those two throwing stone should be hunted and brought to justice.... money should not be object .. not only brought to justice but broadcast to everyone to see justice is done

the ሻሸመኔ case is kind of difficult i did not see who hang this kid .. but those who r seen even touching the kid even for second .. those who push the people to keep order all of them must be brought to court አይቀጡ ቅጣት መቀጣት አለባቸው ይህ ሁሉ ሲሆን በቲቪ መታየት አለባቸው። አሁን ጉዳዩ ከሆን አመት ነው ፖሊስ ጉዳዩን እየተከታተልኩ ነው ይላል ግን ምንም ነገር የለም። not only this the government must appoint law students from 9 region and seat in every curt day to see how the law conducted and report to higher minister this is not a joke..

those so call army who were there but did not try to stop this evil must be fired .. each of them also must be seen in tv and give their reasoning why they were standing when the mob killing one innocent kids..

our inaction is what fueling the same kind of evil in other area.. those in Amhara region we have to get the video or picture someone must have those picture .. those who have the picture might be afraid off retaliation ... hence the government must give reward and promised to be relocated//// when this kind of thing that look simple are the one who fuel the evil so we must stop them.. even those doctor are evil criminal the mob should have taken them to police and kick them out of the region but no one no one should be allowed to kill.. and the law should not forgive this /// today no body is investigating those two doctor case. Realbull and other Amhara are not interested for sure realbull did not even report this ..

i only reply to this thread is because i have a strong feeling about crime unpunished ////otherwise i am not interested in what realbull have to say.. now u will see him , he will post his email ... anyhow i am replying to you not realbull. i written off.

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Re: [አሳዛኝ ዜና ከጅማ] An Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido priest beheaded in Jimma

Post by yaballo » 12 Sep 2019, 10:01


Well put! I agree with your assessment/points. Yes, hardly anyone was brought to justice for most of those blacks-on-blacks crimes in South Africa.

Of course, many languages would not even have adequate words to describe the level of savagery displayed in committing those crimes. Political expediency appears to be the reason behind it all there as in Ethiopia & elsewhere in Africa.

Still, I can't help but despair the ability of us negros to be the most savage race of humans - though I've a lingering doubt that negros are NOT quite fully-developed humans.

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