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Zmselo swallows Isayas Afwrki's Urine Every Day and Tells Us he is not Thirsty for Clean Water

Post by pastlast » 11 Sep 2019, 04:57

Zmselo is a Luutie ( who Fellates (su.cks off) Isayas Afwrki or anyone who has been Ordained by Isayas to be a Dck(Pen1s) provider to Zmselo...

Zmselo swallows every PFDJ Minister's P3nis pissss (urine) every meeting...and when there is no meeting..>Zmselo is Scking off all of the Allies of Isayas Afwrki in the West!

Zmselo will swallow any Whiteman's S3meaan if Isayas told him to Do So!!