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Abiy Ahmed's government should resign, before Ethiopia is sold to the best bidder!

Post by EthioRedSea » 11 Sep 2019, 04:46

I do not see any vision in Abiy ahmed's policy. He has no policy. We do not mind him leading Ethiopia has he given us a better Ethiopia than TPLF. But it seems, Abiy Ahmed a toy boy of Eritrea and Egypt. It is not only about the Nile (Abay River) Dam. It is the general policy we have to follow, which is not in the interest of Ethiopia.

We need to force the resignation of Abiy Ahmed and his cabinet.
We need to declare Ginbot 7 and other terrorists as illegal groups (Berhanu Nega and Endalkachew Tsige should be arrested
We should not allow Eritrea to intervene in our affairs.

We need to rebuild our economic ties with China and other countries.