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Dr. Abiy Ahmed refuses airport in Bishoftu

Post by Ethwar » 11 Sep 2019, 01:40

I agree with Dr. Abiy Ahmed and respect his response to Ethiopian Airlines CEO Gebremariam. I heard from journalists that Dr. Abiy Ahmed told Tewdole that the airport in Bishoftu costs too much and that the current Bole Airport has lots of land.

Great thinking from Dr. Abiy Ahmed and here is why I agree with him.

The current airport in Bole has capacity of 22 million which hasn't been reached. In 5 years we can expand the airport to 40 million and in 10 years we can expand it again to 60 million. There is no reason to build another airport when we can simply expand our beautiful Bole Airport into 80 million airport because it has enough land to build new terminals, runways and is close to the city.

Mega-projects won't be built by Ethiopia anymore for the next 15 years.

Dr. Abiy Ahmed only supports airport expansion in phases, hopefully in 2027 the airport in Bole can expanded to 40 million capacity.