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How I would lead the economic reforms

Post by Ethwar » 11 Sep 2019, 01:03

1) First thing I would do is restart all the mines in Oromia which have been shut down since the protest of 2016 and sell them to private investors. The government should discuss with the new owners and how to safely get rid of the waste from the mine production.

2) I would invite world mining companies such as Vale, Newmont Goldcorp, Coal India and Barrick Gold to invest in Ethiopia. I would secure a wonderful deal with these foreign companies to bring their expertise to Ethiopia.

3) No tax on any agricultural equipment - Small farmers should have easy access to loans with 2-5% interest rate.

4) Finish all mega projects such as the expansion of railway, GERD and other mega projects as soon as possible and get them generating revenue.

5) No loans more than 200 million per year should be taken out in the next 15 years. The government should not build anymore mega projects but rather support the private market.

6) Sell 49% of Ethiopian Airlines to foreign investors

7) Sell 100% of EthioTelecom to MTN, Orange, Vodcom and SafariCom

8) Pay 4Billion per year and repay back the debt in the next 20 years while keeping the economy growing at 7-10%.

9) By 2021: Lunch the Addis Ababa stock exchange and open it to the worldwide. Let everyone have a chance to invest including the Ethiopian diaspora and all Ethiopians at home.

10) Start attracting FDI in terms of imports, look at what the country currently imports and see if foreign companies are willing to produce and export those products.

11) Bring your export/import ration to 45-55% ratio.

12) Sell the civilian side of METEC to Ethiopian private investors