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What should Ethiopia do to solve its economic imbalance by Ethwar

Post by Ethwar » 11 Sep 2019, 00:54

1. For the next 15 years don't take out any major loans - Keep your loans to 200 million per year at most.
2. Capture all Midroc mines which are currently not operating and sell them to private investors. Help them restart the mines and solve the waste issue and hopefully export from mines will rise.
3. No tax on agricultural equipment
4. Finish all mega projects which you currently are partaking.
5. Sell 100% of EthioTelecom to 4 different companies.
6. Sell the civilian side of METEC to Ethiopian private investors.
7. Control all contraband and give harsh punishments.
8. Collect at least 90%+ of taxes
9. Sell the sugar factories to private investors
10. Pay your loans back each year - Put $4 billion aside.