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Muslim Amharas are honest! Head of Ethiopian Muslims says Tigray is the mother of religions,Amhara got Islam from Tigrai

Post by Abdelaziz » 10 Sep 2019, 23:21

Dr Haji Ummer Idris, the head of Ethiopian muslims, is an exemplary honest Amhara man. He just destroyed the werada cursedarterans. Over 350 Sudanese and thousands OF Ethiopian and somali MUSLIMS CAME TO NEGASH FOR this year's ASSURA celebrations BUT ONLY ABOUT 30 AR'TERANS CAME.
Christian gudelaAmharu and others got Christianity from Tigray between 9th and 12 the centuries, while Tigray was Christian from 1st century (officially in 333 AD), but these thankless Gumames try to fabricate fake history and claim our Geez, Fidel, religion, culture and whatnot without giving due recognition for getting them from Tigray many centuries later

And I love the captivating smile of the anchor, Mebrat Nigus, werqezobo shegge gual Tigray!