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Why Tigrigna from Tigray should be the working language in Ethiopia?

Post by EthioRedSea » 10 Sep 2019, 22:27

Tigrigna is almost like Geez, the most ancient semetic language.
Language is not only a means of communication, it is also a means of conserving of culture. Through language, religon becomes stronger.

Amharic is not ancient. It started around 13th Century by a certain Yukno Amlak, who become a king of the Amhara. Amharic lacks the pronounciation of the semetic languages. The Amhara call themselves Amara, thus do not prounce the "h". This is also the case in many Geez words. TheAmhara church leaders have created a new alphabet for Amharic from Geez.

Tigrigna alsmost like Arabic and Hebrew. Tigrigna uses all the Geez alphabet. We should be proud of Tigrigna as it is the most ancient language, next to Geez and Armaic. Tigrigna is more ancient than Hebrew and Arabic.