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Message to Gedu and Lemma: Fix the army

Post by Ethwar » 10 Sep 2019, 03:11

I hope your next trip is to South Africa and a meeting with South African head of defense. Make a deal with South African president to produce these AMVs in Ethiopia. We just need an agreement with the South African armed forces and we can start production. After you upgrade the air-force by making the purchases I suggested then head to South Africa to fix the land forces.

Here's how to fix the armed forces and make our army the 3rd strongest it was. We lost our position to South Africa and Nigeria in 2017 and there are ways you can fix it.

1. Upgrade the air-force with Russia's help
2. Make a deal with South Africa to produce these armored vehicles in Ethiopia.
3. Recruit 400k more soldiers in Ethiopia and have an standing army of 450k soldiers with 100k in reserves.

1. Rooikat

2. Patria AMV

3. Ratel IFV