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Re: Gedu and Lemma in Russia: New equipment

Post by Abdelaziz » 10 Sep 2019, 03:09

kkkk you are resourceful in fighting to Make Meshrefetism look normal. How old is this photo? kkkkkkk Good Job!
BTW: If it is Meshrefet, it is the end of it. But it is hard to believe Meshrefet will use poisoning, something he talked about using it if he was to be mean and wanted to kill all EPRDF leaders, AS HE PUT IT in the last EPTF meetinG :shock: :shock: :shock: HE IS MENTALLY SICK PERSON . Why not use something else if he wants cover up? I suspect the evi Demekech and her side kick the ugly l Boayalew, who were extremely scared and more disturbed by Lema's ' recent, pro-weyane, revolutionary democratic views than Meshrefet was visibly unhappy about it. I think we are at the cusp of civil war, I feel sorry for Ethiopian poor people, KECHIGIR Ereft YaTa YALtADELE MISKIN HIZB! I HOPE IT IS FAKE NEWS, AND I BELIEVE IT IS, AS THE POSTER IS AN AMHARU USING A FAKE TIGREAN NAME, ABADI GEBRESELASSE. Why will a Tigraway, the most unlikely owadays, report such thing?. It is fake over fake, possibly, about fake stuff.
And can you tell me why 10s of thousands of Oromo youth in western Oromia are arrested and languishing in military training camps as we speak ? It is ominous. Oromo Federalist party is demanding their release but we do not s yet ee any prisoner release even in the usual EPRDF way of releasing a few thousand prisoners every Qidusyohannes/new year.