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How to turn Addis Ababa into a city of 15 million by Ethwar?

Post by Ethwar » 09 Sep 2019, 21:05

Let Ethwar educate you on city building and how to run effecient cities. What the city officials need to do is create zoning laws in Addis Ababa that favors apartments/condos/skyscrapers and single family homes should be 20-30 miles out of downtown. What does this mean?

Starting point: Meskel Square - 5 miles in every direction there should be skyscrapers for commercial business and luxury apartments, high-rise condos and high rise apartments and low-rise business buildings. Addis Ababa is doing great at this moment in these aspect.

2. Single family homes should be limited to 20-30 miles out of downtown limit, the Addis Ababa city officials should favor apartments and condos not single family homes because they take up too much space and house too little people and also create sprawls.

3. Create an efficient railway system and metro, a train like this connecting all of Addis Ababa together along with metro buses.

4. Promote recycling and start waste treatment center outside of Addis Ababa somewhere in Oromia. All waste from Adama and Addis Ababa should be recycled and water should also be recycled and reused.

5. Plant many trees

6. Invest in roads, trains and electric metro buses

7. Invest in libraries, parks and green spaces.

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Re: How to turn Addis Ababa into a city of 15 million by Ethwar?

Post by Dawi » 10 Sep 2019, 00:24

Ethwar, (war monger) :~)

Remember "Selam" bus by EFFORT?

This is "Oda" በተረኞቹ! :lol: :lol:

BTW, what is up with apartment you posted? quantity? Just curious.

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8 September 2019
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