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Shiwa is the thief who claims ownership of stlen everything in both Oromo and Amara

Post by Axumawi » 25 Aug 2019, 20:05

If Ethiopia is a creation of Abyssinia then the Oromo have greater share of history than Amara.

In 100 years of Zemene Mesafint the Oromo were in the thick of it like evey one else, but the Amara never participated.

As soon as I say Oromo the Shiwa folks will come out of the wood works and say Yes.

I say NO the only Oromo that participated from beginning to end are the Wollo and to some degree Wellega. There rest of you never heard Zemene Mesafint and you wouldn't know if its a cow, camel or Warka.

At least the Shiwa Amara admit in a good day that they have no clue what Zemene Mesasfint was, since not a single fitawrari, dedjazmatch, Ras or King of Shiwa participated.

The Amara bragg about Adwa...yet only small part of their armies saw action last two hours of the 6 hour battle
The Oromo bragg about Adwa...yet was only Wello and Gojjam that fought the first 4 hours and the most critical first 2 hours. Only those from Hararghe under Ras Mekonen and later some others saw battle after first 4 hours.

Thus the reason why the Oromo and Amara of Shiwa talk the most about Adwa. The least contributing to the victory.

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