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Economic Development that Doesn’t Develop Ethiopian People is Veiled Colonization

Post by Ethiopians4cm » 13 Aug 2019, 17:39

There has been much ado about Ethiopia’s “economic development” over the past 27 years. The Ethiopian government, multinational entities and the few who are prospering tremendously continually boast about macro-economic indicators, the influx of foreign capital and shiny skyscrapers as if the gains for a fraction of society represent progress for the rest.

The reality on the ground is vastly different than the talking points that are used by politicians; the truth is that most Ethiopians are struggling with financial anxieties or are being subsumed by economic insolvency even though Ethiopia has enough resources to sustain all without turning to NGOs and philanthropists for charity. The key to self-sufficiency and shared prosperity is to ensure that people have access to resources so that they can take care of themselves. More importantly, creating a society of ownership instead of donors and loans with exorbitant terms is an imperative.

For too long, the EPRDF has acted as a caretaker of outside interests while eschewing its fiduciary responsibilities that it has for Ethiopians. What started with Meles Zenawi and enshrined by Hailemariam Desalegn hasn’t changed under Abiy Ahmed, instead of empowering Ethiopians and giving people access to capital, utilizing innovative practices such as micro-financing and implementing our version of a homestead act by...continued...

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