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በመከራ ውስጥም በድል የሚራመድ ህዝብ - አማራ !!!

Posted: 13 Aug 2019, 13:25
by fasil1235

Digital Fasilades
- Toj Wajale

Re: በመከራ ውስጥም በድል የሚራመድ ህዝብ - አማራ !!!

Posted: 13 Aug 2019, 19:21
by sun
fasil1235 wrote:
13 Aug 2019, 13:25

Digital Fasilades
- Toj Wajale
Hmm... :P

As a democrat I have no problem if you keep bragging and whistling day and night non stop through all of your front and back end dirty red ar$$ hole but yet where is the so called Victorious Forward March when in practice and on the ground we have at hand the permanently least developed Mamma Ethiopia with the permanently wretched good Ethiopian citizens? :oops:

Seeing is believing, as the wise saying has it. Why don't you get out of your comfortable Ivory Tower and do something practical and something beneficial such as water well construction, road building, better methods of abundant food production, better methods of modern healthcare education and treatments, etc. for the wretched ordinary poor citizens.

Do you think that poor citizens eat and drink your bulsh!t narcissistic cyber blabbering fake propaganda
? Wey Yenga Neger, Qererto bichaa huno qerre ikko.Yasazinal! :mrgreen: