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GudelaAmharay Abay Media is shi'tting on his pants after he heard Obo Bekele Gerba condemned the blockage of Tigray

Post by Abdelaziz » 13 Aug 2019, 01:42

The werada liars are saying the road was not blocked for a year while we know the road was blocked for nearly 13 months non stop. The blockadage of the road has proven the fact Tigray does not need Ethiopia much less dirtypoor Amhara. We really do not want the road to be opened. Tigreans who still live in Oromara should come back by planes. Tigray's connection is with the rest of the world and it goes through Sudan. Because of the road blockade to Tigray, Amharu towns all the way from Bahrdar and Dessie Addis to Tigray border are all losing business,s and many Amharu people are now emigrating to Tigray or Oromia.