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Spotlighting Excellence: Matheos Mesfin and Finding Success by Helping the Generation Behind Us

Post by Ethiopians4cm » 12 Aug 2019, 19:02

We all remember these moments: missing a home we once took for granted, navigating life in a new land as an immigrant, struggling to fit in while trying to hold on to our heritage, the stresses that come with living a life of sedet. These tribulations seem like distant memories for some of us who have assimilated successfully and found success after going through past tribulations, but for those who have recently arrived, these hardships are an everyday reality.

This is where Matheos Mesfin steps in; he too remembers clearly the anxieties of being a first generation immigrant. After he arrived in America in 2007, in the span of 12 years, Matheos not only fit in, he excelled and paid back his parent’s sacrifices by finding prosperity. Except Matheos’s prosperity is not so much material wealth as it is the riches that come with helping other people.

As the founder and executive director of the Institute of East African Councils on Higher Education (IEAC), a non-profit that works with high school students from the Horn of Africa who are immigrants or children of immigrants, he has made it his purpose to give back and be a bridge builder for the generation behind him. Instead of chasing fame and money, Matheos found his calling by being a mentor, a teacher and an inspiration to teenagers who have to negotiate between honoring their culture and adapting to new norms...continued...

Read full article at: ... g-success/

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