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Gulele post is Tsegay Ararsa's poster child

Post by TGAA » 12 Aug 2019, 15:22

Gullele post is a one man show. If you want to know what is coming up on next week’s Gullele post not need to look anywhere but hate pucking Tsegay’s face book. You see Gullele post can’t even aspire to be creative to Photoshop the cover of their own magazine. They have to copy and pest from a boy in a man body Tsegaye. He has been saying that Lema was pushed out of power etc for a long time. These hate mongers complain because mongers have had a kind of success early on, and they attempted to even trap him and said something that was not expected of him to say. So he wised up and moved to a higher and appropriate place as a national leader. He is in a place where he can do good to all Ethiopians, without bias. Ethiopians still hold this hero in very high esteem. So came Shemeles , and right after that the wallowing by these goons started. He must have curtailed their adventure short. So Gullele gotten in the habit of copying and posting Tsegay’s none sense. Gullele post is doomed to fail from let go. Hate is not journalism.