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Kebessa (Dekibat) Biher-Tigrinya are the Strongest Opposition to Isayas Afwrki/PFDJ

Post by pastlast » 11 Aug 2019, 18:29

This is a known fact. Biher-Tigrinya the Major Target of Isayas Afwrki/PFDJ's attacks since his Thrust for Power in the 1970s!

Isayas Afwrki has a particular Hatred for Biher-Tigrinya and Not Tegarus by how his regime has been replacing Kebessa Biher-Tigrinya people with Tegaru Immigrants since 2001.

His Regime outlawed the Use of the word "Agame" in Eritrea. You can't Say "Agame" in Eritrea by the Decree of Isayas Afwrki himself!..

Many Tegarus are Settling claiming Lands of Biher-Tigrinya in Eritrea, while Real Biher-Tigrinya people are exiled and perishing in the seas!