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Result:Cano sport academy versus Mekele FC.

Post by Abdelaziz » 11 Aug 2019, 04:04

Cano Sport Academy =2
Mekele FC =1
Mekele played much better than Cano sport academy.
Next game will be in Mekele, 2 weeks from now, Mekele has a chance to win at home and go against Egypt.
All it has to do is win 2:0 or win 3:1..... etc, in that ratio, Just a goal difference and 3 equalizing points is what it needs to go to the next phase and win 250,000 dollars..

The fist goal by Cano happened due to a minor mistake very early on in the game-- and obviously,thereby, the moral of Mekele players was dented from the outset.
Cano is equatorial Guine's best team, the national champion of E.Guine and its premier-league-2019 winner.

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