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Ban Amharic as a working language in Ethiopia - Liberate yourselves from Bantu Amhara wild culture!e

Post by Democrat » 01 Aug 2019, 09:17

Banning Amharic as a working language in Ethiopia is a liberating act from the Bantu Amhara culture of political and economic lefe of Ethiopians. English should be the working language. Ech tribe can use their own language and develop their culture.

The Orthodox Church should be forced to preach in English. So should the parliament use English to deliberate on policies or pass votes on issues. Kenya and Nigeria are good examples. they use English, but allow ethnic groups to develop their culture. India and Pakistan other example.

Due to globalisation, we need to use English for business and science. The youth should be conversant in English and be part of the English speaking majority in the world.

The likes of Teddy Afro and Abdul Mohammed could go to their tribes and sing to their audience. We do not their music as their message is divisive and not unifying. Amhara culture is primitive and is about exploiting others. The amhara has never been an Ethiopian. They were always amhara. Allowing Amharic as a working language is promoting the domination of amhara in Ethiopia, which is an unacceptable to 80% of th epopulation. We do not need their songs or literature. It is a waste of resources of talent for non-amhara people.