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There is no bantustanization in Ethiopi: Ethnic Groups have a right to rule their region and even secede from Ethiopia!

Post by Democrat » 01 Aug 2019, 04:29

There is no bantustanization. The EthnicFederalism EPRDf introduced has helped oppressed Ethnic groups to have more rights. It is better to live in freedom than be oppressed by self-named rulig classes who claim to unite a country.

Ethiopia's ethnic group or tribes suffered a lot under the Amhara ruling class and their stooges in the tribes like Oromo, Tigray, Sidama, Somali, Wollaita et. Giving every trie develop their language and culture is very liberating for Ethiopia asa a country.

Calling Ethiopia's Ethnic Federalism bantustanization is an insult. There are some weak points of the Ethnic Federalism. But it is not bantustanization. We need some sort of federalism. Amharic should not be a working language. We can use English as a common working language. All Ethnic groups can use their own language and culture. We do not force any one to learn this or that language of an ethnic group. Forcing Ethiopian to learn Amharic with all it's backward and lazy culture was suicidal for the Amhara ruling classes, the result of which we see today.

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Re: There is no bantustanization in Ethiopi: Ethnic Groups have a right to rule their region and even secede from Ethiop

Post by TGAA » 01 Aug 2019, 20:05

The other sluggish thinking woyane tell us that Ethnic federalism or the weyanes kellil system is the best of world for Ethiopan people. Let us compare how it worked for Tigrians and for other Ethiopians.
5% tigrians dominated all the federal positions in Ethiopia. You borrowed on behalf of the oppressed 51 billion and robed it all. Who is going to pay that in the future, the oppressed people of Ethiopians. You guys are half cooked in everything you say do . Ethiopians are not as airheads as you think they are --They know a true federalism when they see one. Your Neanderthal apartheid system is backward comparing the baunntust system of South Africa. So the best thing you can do for oppressed Ethiopian people is take meles stinking corpus and bury it in dedebit with his ideas.

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