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Addis Abebian , and Ethipians who want to see a multinational democratic Ethiopa going to slumber at their own peril

Post by TGAA » 30 Jul 2019, 19:36

It only took less than a year to prove that we are being taken for a ride by Oromo fanatic who are deadly set to remake Ethiopia in their own image, while the high priest of peace, Abey, preach about medemer, forgiveness, and Ethiopianess and repeatedly ask us to trust him that he will take us way far from muddy quagmire of narrow nationalism, to the land of Ethiopia nationalism. It was Ronald Regen who says that trust but verify. So far Abey has been being used as anesthesia by radical Oromos to farther their anti-Ethiopia agenda and entrench in the government. Whether Abey is a trogon horse for those fantic Oromos, or he is overwhelmed by theme, or he is devoid of commitment to thing he has been saying doesn’t matter since the result is the same. I will leave Abey on the side after I point some of bizzar things he done. Oromo fanatics , the individuals like Liban Wako who gave lecture on London Oromo Lawyers association about the need to destroy Ethiopia, not to democratize it, is now in the ambit of ADP (
Not long ago he gave a news statement saying that no one can plant a tree in Oromia let alone build a house. Ayatola jawar is ramming from one corner of the country to another giving orders, calling demonstration, insulting government officials for making statements contrary to his wish, while provided security at the expense of the government. Whose after our dear Abey is going after ? After Balandras a movment that was organized in response to Jawar’s Addis Kena agitation. Now the The Oromo Studies Association gathering is going on in Addis Ababa , do you think they are presenting a papar about the future of Ethiopian in which all Ethiopians can live in just and democratic society, no no no. Ever paper presented at the meeting was Amhara phobic , or inimical to Amhara . How to usurp the Addis Ababa residents their right to elect their own representatives, not only Addis Ababa all the city in Oromia has to be Oromized wither by hook or by crook. The meeting was a feast of Oromo radicals against Ethiopia, and in particular Amharas. I have never seen anywhere in the name of study people gather to do ignorant propaganda against one Ethnic group, especially the group that helped Oromo leaders to come to leadership position. Abey and Lema could have done what the Somalia region leader, Mustefa, has done to promote about Amharas roll in his coming to power. But he didn’t and let this radical Oroms think and propagate that Abey came down like Metroid to be in Arat kilo? Big mistake. Since the Oromo radical gangsters think they can do what they want regarding, all, specially Amhara’s should come forth without any hesitation and take their rightful place. The three groups that need to come forcefully are ADP, ANM and Baldrasa. This groups need to coordinated with other Ethiopians who want to live as a free people . The Oromo Studies Association conference where all the Oromo was present , no objection was made about the hate speech that was made against Amharas, no presentation was made how to build a multinational Ethiopia . Speech after speech the wink and the nod was about uprooting others and replacing theme with Oromos. Ethiopians who want to live in multinational , free and equal Ethiopia, need to know that they are going to slumber at their own peril. Don’t believe this none existence Oromophobia , or the scare about the unity camp bringing back one langue, bla -bla, it is to cover their sinister conspiracy . It is time to act in unison .

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Re: Addis Abebian , and Ethipians who want to see a multinational democratic Ethiopa going to slumber at their own peri

Post by Ethoash » 30 Jul 2019, 19:51

Re: Addis Abebian , and Ethipians who want to see a multinational democratic Ethiopa going to slumber at their own peril

what is your kind of multinational democratic Ethiopia ADP, ANM and Baldrasa.

or it inculde OLF, ONLF, TPLF r u saying u going to ban this party? how u going to do.. r u going to wage war..

in America kkk and nazi party allowed so all u have to say is OLF is doing this and that i will not vote for them that all u can do if the oromo people vote for OLF what is your business then..

አጥፍተህ ጥፋ ለማንም አልጠቀመም። አንተ ኦነግን ስታጠፋቸው እነሱ በሶ የጨበጡ መስሎሀል ውይ ። አንተ አብን ምረጥ ማን ከለከለህ ። አንተ እኮ ደፋር ነህ ኢዜማም ያንተ ጠላት ሳይሆን አይቀርም

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Re: Addis Abebian , and Ethipians who want to see a multinational democratic Ethiopa going to slumber at their own peri

Post by mollamo » 30 Jul 2019, 21:58

i think the movement should start now before it is too late. the radical OLFIST/G-war Agenda is to destroy Ethiopia by subjugating all minorities and create greater Oromia state in east Africa. The only power in between them is Amhara. that is why they are running around to divide and kill Amhara power. The same book played by TPLF. If you are Amhara it is about time to get organize and stop this madness.i am from the south and will join the strugle. Other minorities will join too.

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