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White washing TPLF crime is unacceptable! Close all pro-TPLF media!

Post by Democrat » 28 Jul 2019, 13:25

TPLF leaders and cadres are busy white washing their crimes against Ethiopians and Tigrayans. The pro-TPLF media should be closed or dragged to court of law for facilitating ethnic cleansing or mass genocide against non-Tigray Ethiopians. Tigrai Online, an Eritrean infested media, are preaching against the Amhara people, encouraging the ethnic cleansing of The Amhara. The amhara should be re-educated but should not be an object of ethnic cleansing hate politics.

The idiots in are laso the enemies of Ethiopia. This should be closed. They are worthless.

Such media as TMH and Demtsi Woyane ( read Demtsi Leba) should be closed. A new media that spreads balnced news about Ethiopia and Tigray should replace the above ethnofascist medias.