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agazi, ge'ez and....

Post by Sadacha Macca » 23 Jul 2019, 20:05

''We shall first take a glance of the Abyssins, or, as they call themselves the Agazians.
In their handsome forms, their long hair, and their features, they approach to the European; but they are distinguished from all known races, by a complexion altogether peculiar, which Mr. Bruce compares sometimes to that of pale ink, sometimes to an olive brown, and which, according to the French Institute of Egypt, seems to partake of a bronze colour.
The portraits of the Abyssinians, given by Ludolf and Bruce, betray, however, some traits of similarity to the negroes.
When we attend to their language, we find that the Ge'ez, which is spoken in the kingdom of Tigre, and in which the books of the Abyssinians are written, is regarded by all the learned as a dialect derived from the Arabic.

The Amharic language, used at the Abyssinian court since the 14th century, and spoken in most of the provinces, has also many Arabic roots, but carries in its syntax evidences of a peculiar origin. The Ge'ez language, harder than the Arabic, contains 5 consonants which, to the organs of an European, are unutterable.
The Amharic is much softer, but has not that variety of grammatical forms which characterizes the Asiatic languages.
It would appear, therefore, that Abyssinia, first peopled by an indigenous and primitive race, has received, more especially in is northern and maritime parts, a colony of Arabs, and probably of the tribe of Cush, whose name is, in the prophetic book of scripture, applied both to a part of Arabia and to Ethiopia.
This Arabian origin of a part of the Abyssinians explains the reasons why several of the Byzantine authors have placed the country of 'Abaseni' in Arabia Felix.

The intimate relations which Abyssinia has maintained with the nations of Asia confirm the opinion of their descent from the Kushite Arabs. The indigenous history of the Abyssinians, so far at least as it is known to us, goes no further back than the famous queen of sheba, who travelled to Judea to admire the magnificence of Solomon.
The son whom she bore to the king of the jews had the two names of david and menelik.
His descendants continued to reign til the year 960 of the christian era.
Under the two brothers, abraha and azbaha, in the year 330, the christian religion was introduced into Abyssinia.
In 522, king Caleb, also called Elesbaan, in alliance with the emperor Justinian, fought several campaigns in Arabia agains the Jews and the Koreishites.
The most celebrated king of that family, Lalibala, caused several dwellings to be cut in the rocks, and among others, 10 churches, of which a traveller of the 16th century has given representations in plates.''

[Universal Geography: Or a Description of All Parts of the World ..., Volume 4
By Conrad Malte-Brun, pages 135-139]

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Re: agazi, ge'ez and....

Post by Zmeselo » 23 Jul 2019, 20:19

What I can't piece together in that quote is that the arabs are Semites, not Cushites. So which Cushite Arabs is he describing? Are there any such thing?

Aren't the Arabs supposed to be the children of Ismael, the son of Abraham- the Semite?

The Cushites are from Ham, not Shem.

See this pic? The names in green are Hamites, not Semites.

Languages in the horn:

Predominantly various Cushitic languages (Oromo and Somali being the largest), some Arabic (liturgical, co-official, or language shifts), Ethiosemitic languages (Amharic and Tigrinya primarily and Ge'ez for liturgical reasons), Modern Hebrew & European languages (immigration), and Nilo-Saharan languages (e.g. Nubian due to language shifts)

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Re: agazi, ge'ez and....

Post by Sadacha Macca » 23 Jul 2019, 20:48 ... bs&f=false

good points sir. refer to this and see if it clarifies anything.

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Re: agazi, ge'ez and....

Post by Zack » 24 Jul 2019, 09:20

Arabs are not. Full semites Ishmael was half semite half cushites since hajer was cushites nubyan not all Arabs are adnanites Ishamelites some are descent of others.

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Re: agazi, ge'ez and....

Post by Misraq » 24 Jul 2019, 12:20

Arabs are popularly called "sand n!ggers". Most arabs have sub-saharan features like big nose, big frame....etc.

Abyssinians are like a cocktail mix of different races. You can't rule out Indians too since there are many people who resemble Indian and the food culture is kind of similar.

So nilotic, cushitic, sematic and Indian produced habeshas.

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