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Ethiopia needs a mixture of federalism and unitary democratic state form: we need to work out a new way!

Post by Democrat » 14 Jul 2019, 16:50

Ethnic federalism in it's current form is unacceptable because it creates schism and narrow tribalism as is demonstrated in the last 3 years. Recently 3 million people from South Ethiopia were purposely displaced by OLF operatives. We need to make federalism sterile from ideology and political power. The Regional States seem to have more power than the federal government. This is determental to our unity and to economic development. Regional states could have the freedom to develop their local economies, but they have no right to displace or force peopel from areas which they administer.

The unitary democratic state should the iedeal form for Ethiopia as itis an ancient country. However, those who hold power have abused the unitary state to fevour their own tribe. The Amhara have always used the state to benefit themselves culturally and politically. Prior to the advent of TPLF at the helm of power, the cultures of the Oromo and other ethnic groups were suppressed. To run a proper democratic unitary state, we need properly educated leaders who see ethiopians as one people. It is impossible to find some now. Those who stand for unitary stea are Amhara tribalists aiming to take away lands and wealth that belong to non-Amharas. The case of Ogaden ince case in point. The Amhara elites and their Oromo henchment have appointed a sycophant Somali who speaks amharic better than the Amhara. This is not bad, but the motive of such appointments is to exploit the oil and gas found in Somali Regional State to channel it to amhara and Oromo elites. In a true democratic unitary state, there will be a somali leader that is proud of Somali eritage and is ready to stand for Somali and Ethiopian interests - balances both interests.

In general we need to find a form that has some federal aspects and leads to unitary democratic state after a generation.