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Article 39 should be abolished its the stupidest article ever created

Post by fasil1235 » 11 Jul 2019, 21:13

article 39 should be completely removed. Ethiopia is a poor improverished country. Millions of innocent people are living in Ethiopia small groups like Oromo tribalists want to succeed from Ethiopia. that would destroy both ethiopia and oromos. No one would want to live in Oromia or do trade or business there.

Why the fack do you want to turn ethiopia into another south sudan itopiya and new. We are still lucky that there is economic growth in our proverty country. Tigrai can leave ethiopia but know that tezeke river and raya are amhara. We don't need filithy agames.

Ethiopia doesnt need tigray they don't benefit us. Oromia is 40M people Amhara is 34M people most oromos are not succesionists like jawar mohhamed.

1. Ethiopia needs to invade assab and flood the Danakil Depression
2. Jawar Mohhamed needs to be dead.
3. All Succesionists that are not tigrai need to be crushed.
4. Tribalism needs to end
5. Abiys government is to weak and can't stop the balkanization of the Ethiopian Nation
6. A new Democratic strong Amhara government needs to be estabilished we need to follow the example of Brazils Far Right Government
7. You Know how embarrising it would be for amhara to be its own country. In reality Ethiopia would become the laughing stock of the world. If Oromia declares independence then the ethiopian country would become 0 to 100 in 17th century tribalism
8. Why are oromos so backwards??? some oromos like qeeru need to be killed there blood needs to be eliminated for the saftey of Ethiopia