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[Audio]ሰበር መረጃ - የአዴፓ መሉ መግለጫ | Amahara ADP Press | Demeke Mekonnen!!

Post by gearhead » 11 Jul 2019, 18:30

Arguably, any briefing can be nitpicked. So is the case with the one released by TPLF yesterday and ADP's corresponding response!

The fundamental essence still remains true! even if one tries, one will find it impossible to proceed with political amhara that is now a mental illness. I am not sure if ADP understands the level of dejection!Besides, TPLF is not as much of a concern for the rest of ethiopia!

as such, notwithstanding its motive and a better choice of modifiers, i believe TPLF took one for the team! Perhaps behind closed doors but our collective concern of a political language and an entitled capture should be addressed!

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Re: [Audio]ሰበር መረጃ - የአዴፓ መሉ መግለጫ | Amahara ADP Press | Demeke Mekonnen!!

Post by gagi » 11 Jul 2019, 18:48


After nearly 3 decades, the Amhara politics is completely freed (divorced) from the bondage of the Nazi TPLF’s hegemonic and hateful manipulations!

Kudos to ADP!

These ethno fascists should be confronted head on! ... 7174971952

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