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TPLF is better than OPDO: Oromo-Somali border war

Post by Ethwar » 11 Jul 2019, 02:00

The 2017-2018 border war is a proof that TPLF is better than OPDO. TPLF would have never watched Amharu or Afar or Eritrea slaughter thousands of Tigrayans and just ignore it. TPLF is full of thieves and lunatics but TPLF is morally instact while the morally bankrupt OPDO feasts on human blood.

1. Remember the OPDO made a choice to not defend their people?

Why did the OPDO wait 1 and half year to remove Abdi Illey?
Why was Lemma Megersa playing games by doing fake negotiations with Abdi Illey?

The so called Team Lemma aka Abiy and Lemma Megersa are dangerous men who are willing to sacrifice their own people to achieve what they desire. The reasons why Lemma Megersa refused to fight the border war is simple. He wanted to appear as the man who keeps Ethiopia together, he wanted to become PM therefore he refused the call of his people.

What should have been done?

The first week of the border war waged by Liyu police should have been the end of it. Oromia should have sent 100k troops and went deep inside Somali region and killed and disarmed every Liyu police member and taken over Jijiga by force.

My Oromo people, the cowards and morally bankrupt OPDO watched you get slaughtered.

Never trust an OPDO.