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The Mighty Shaebia Eritrean & Ethiopian Amara, Oromo Must Get Ready To Eliminate/ Destroy Woyane T.P.L.F. Now.

Post by Tog Wajale » 11 Jul 2019, 01:20

Messages To All Ethiopian And Eritrean, We Ethiopian Amara & Mighty Shaebia Eritrean People Must Organize To Destroy The Cancerous Creatures Named Woyane T.P.L.F. Once For All From The Hideout Of Mekelle, Adwa Areas. If Not,, Eritrea And Ethiopia Will Never Ever Lived Side By Side As Long As Woyane T.P.L.F Sabotaged The Peace Process. It Is High Time Now To Destroy The Dedebit Woorgach Cancerous Agga*me T.P.L.F Woyane From Tigrai Areas & Ethiopian Areas For Good.

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