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ADP using Rocket speed to go back to its roots

Post by Axumawi » 10 Jul 2019, 21:57

So Far:

1. Gen. Assaminew Liyu Hayil glorified shifta is out of Lasta as was demanded by Wag in a meeting with Late Dr. Ambatchew

2. Lasta has been promised with proof that its question of being a zone or one zone with Wag will be answered and implemented shortly

3. Liyu, fano, gobez aleqa all glorified names for ABN and Gen. Assaminew shiftas and means of unaudited income will be cleaned out of Qimanti areas

4. Amhara kilil have no interest or benefit by waging war with Tigray and it was a mistake that will be corrected shortly by new leadership. Even Yohannes Buayalew who has personal vendetta on Tigreans was speaking about this. Some Tigreans put on their face book for ADP to elect Yohannes Buayalew as president.

5. Agew Awi has been told that the zone will be leading the work with Benishangul to repair damage created by Chauvinists and shifta in name of Amara

6. Central Gonder zone officials who were on the kill list of Gen. Assaminew for refusing to allow his shifta to pass to Tigray held a meeting and Demeqe Mekonen reassured them on the phone that their demands about shitas will be taken care of.
That is fast...

The most surprising item:

ADP is calling EPDM fighters and veterans to help and some even to participate in the meeting observers. Probably Bereket Simon and Tinqishu by phone from prison. Too soon to release both.

Total collapse of anti Agew and to some degree anti Tigre shifta movement.