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Tigray has ze strong army we are ready 4 anything

Post by Agazi General » 26 Jun 2019, 01:31

1. Shabia would not help budamaras who claim ze red sea as well as gallaland and other lands, no matter how much zey deny their agazian roots.
2. Galla and agazi do not have territory conflict or opposing interests.
3. Both galla and somali will use article 39 wiz tigray if we ask them and ze time is soon.
4. Ze white man wants ze oil in somalo region so zey will stabilize zat area and make sure china does not get it.
5. Gobez tegadalay tigray do not worry a bit because you have ze strongest army in Ethiopia and millions of tegaru ready 2 pay any price 2 protect us.

Til nest time my friend...