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How low could the government of Ethiopia go - shows solidarity with Eritrea on it's so-called Martyr's Day

Post by Democrat » 19 Jun 2019, 16:29

Eritrea was fighting Ethiopia for independence. Eritrea was entiely supported by Egypt and other countries. It is a shame the current PM is showing solidarity with Eritrea on it's martyr's day.

Ethiopians should condemn such humuliation of Ethiopia by the so-called prime minister. The prme minister is suggesting that Ethiopia's war against Egypt and Eritrea was wrong and our army was the aggressor. TPLF was observing Martyr's Day in Mekelle and it seems there has been no message of solidarity to Tigrayan Martyr's.

Ethiopian patriots should remove the PM from office as he is simply too soft and does not know how to deal with situation. Ethiopia should not have allow Eritrea to have special treatment. We need to focus on our people and work to pacifiy the internal situation by serving justice where necessary.

Some naive Amhara elites are hoping Eritrea might wage war against Tigray. This could be, but it is better to make peace with Tigray rather than to paln to weaken Tigray by provoking war. Tigray can resist any attack from Eritrea and
Addis Ababa.