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Zehabesha=ZeQoshasha, disinforming the Ethiopian public about Wolqait and Raya, which are Tigrayan !

Post by Democrat » 19 Jun 2019, 16:15

The opportunist media, Zehabesha has been spreading false information about Raya and Wolqait, which belong to Tigray. Most of North Gondar, including Tana area was part of Tigray. The people around Lake Tana speak Tigrigna still.
We should inform the public about the wrong doing of Menelik and Haile Selassie. We should not favour this or the other ethnic groups. As evidence shows, all villages with Tigrigna names were under Tigray Province. It does make the Amaharas better by giving wrong information. The only thing such information contributes is the provocation of war.

In fact, what Ethiopia is doing is entirely anti-Tigray and pro-Amhara. The Amhara are occupying villages that should have been under Tigray. We are not aware of any war against Amhara waged by Tigrayans to occupy villages. The Amhara are simply occupying villages that do no tbelong to them. The same could be said about villages with Oromo names in Addis Ababa. Town like Adama, Bishoftu were renamed to Amahara names and were called Nazreth and Debrezeit respectively. Suburbs in Addis Ababa used to have Oromo names. The wrong propoganda from Ethiopia suggested the Oromos as migrants. The Oromos have waged wars against Ethiopians and were victorius. They have named all villages they live and occupies in Oromo language.

I think the Amhara elites should re-examine the role of The Amhara people, which were used by the Amhara ruling classes to occupy lands that did not belon to them.

Zehabesha has spreading wrong information about Raya and Woqait, which are part of Tigray. Zehabesha, rather Zeqoshasha claims Raya and Wolqait to be part of Amhara. How can a vilage or town with name (Mai Kadar) be an Amhara as the name of the village is entirely in Tigrigna.

We call ethiopian elites to condemn the war mongering of Amhara tribalists and to show solidarity with Oromo and Tigray people. The Amhara elites should educate the Amhara people not to claim land that did not belong to them. Menelik and Haile Selassie hav left us a time bomb. We should be able to diffuse this time bomb by serving justice to the Tigrayan people or Oromo people if that be case. Amhara should adjust to the new situation and accept the reality.