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Ethiopia or Tigray should control The Red Sea as it belongs to Ethiopians!

Post by Democrat » 19 Jun 2019, 11:15

Ethiopians should work on getting the South Mereb Region back. They should have their own naval force. We should raise the issue of The Red Sea ports, the shipping lines confiscated by Eritrea and theNaval Force that was decimated by TPLF.

There should be a national discussion on the legacy we have starting from Adwa (Hiwot)Treaty between Yohannes IV and Britain. Eritrea's border is north of the Mereb River. We do not want to re-unite with Eritrea as there are differences in core values and will be difficult to re-educate Eritreans to accept Ethiopian values.

We should wait for African Union to a real union of african countries. We do not need Eritrea to unite with Ethiopia at any time on the future.