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No ethnic shall dominate in cursed land Ethiopia - abolish Amharic as a working language!

Post by Democrat » 19 Jun 2019, 08:41

Amharic should not be used as a working language in Ethiopia. It is primitive and disadavatages the children of non-Amhara ethnic groups, who make more than 80% of the population. Use English as a working language.

It is an illusion to try to use a language that is undeveloped as a working language. Amharic belongs to the dustbin of history. Ethiopian Youth needs to be competitive on global level. This can be done if youth have access to modern technology and science, which is accessible only if they can use English or another international language.

No Amharic music, no to Amharic language testing and teaching. English should be the offical language of Ethiopia. Such languages as Arabic should be also banned. The ethnic groups can develop their languages and music as they want but not for country wide use or consumption as is now the case where TV and Radio programmes are filled with meaningless primitive amharic songs, which stand to contrary to development and progress.