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The Oromos should oromize the useful idiot fvcking Gurages, Kembatas, and Siltes.

Post by Mahlana » 12 Jun 2019, 05:35

Look guys,

We Tigraians almost single handedly fought for almost two decades against the biggest army in Africa and we won.

The single most important reason we waged war against the Ethiopian establishment was for the full respect of the rights of the tribes in Ethiopia. However, some of the very tribes we freed from the oppressive establishment were working against us the Tigraians from day one. Case in point is the stupid Gurages and Kembatas. These people had always been the real slaves of the Amhara establishment in their history. In the last 27 years, these stupid people acted fully against us working as mercenaries of the idiot gondar dogs. Gurages and Kembatas were the right hand tools of the Gondars against us. Case in point: Ethsat media and the so-called Washington task force. Almost all of them are either gurages or the fvcking ugly Kembatas. They had no reason to work against the very people who freed them from slavery. It is just because they are stupid.

Time to oromize these idiots!! Otherwise, they will keep working with the amharas again and they will be headaches to the oromos from within.