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ETHIOPIA vs EGYPT - 2030: War Analysis led by Gen. Ethwar

Post by Ethwar » 11 Jun 2019, 22:54

Egypt declares war upon Ethiopia in a bid to stop Ethiopia's rise in Arab politics.

EGY: On Jan. 1. 2030 Egypt officially declares war on Ethiopia by sending its F16s and deploying an attempt to sabotage the power transmission of GERD.
ETH: Ethiopia responds by shooting down the F16s with S-300s 200 miles from Ethiopian border.
EGY: The nation moves its armed forces towards southern Egypt and position it for full invasion via Sudan.
ETH: A response by Ethiopian PM calls for the army to be ready for war and 150k troops are sent to Sudan with air support.
EGY: Egypt makes a deal with Sudan to support it against Ethiopia.
ETH: Ethiopia declares war on Sudan/Egypt but Eritrea stays neutral .
SUD: Sudanese defense force engages with Ethiopian National Defense Force, mass casualties reported for SDF as Ethiopia does mass air campaign.
ETH: Surprise attack, Ethiopia lunches a missile from its naval output of DJibouti and does a surprise air attack against Aswan dam.
EGY: Millions displaced as EGY faces two attacks from Ethiopia, only one will land and the Gripen JAS 39s successfully delivers the attack against Aswan dam. Egypt is flooded and millions have been displaced.
SUD: Ethiopian army just 100 miles from Khartoum, Sudan surrenders