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The biggest upgrades Ethiopian airforce should focus on.

Post by Ethwar » 11 Jun 2019, 22:19

1. Attack helicopters - Russians are the best and cheapest option.
2. A10s - From United States, they will give us training and discount since we are allies.
3. Gripen JAS 39s - Sweden
4. SU30MKI - India, the Indians are switching tot he latest SU35s therefore they're getting their older SU30MKI and selling them cheaply.
5. MIG 31s from Russia - Russia is a close longtime ally that we can trust.
6. S-300s - The Russians are already building S-500s therefore the past generation S-300s is good enough for Ethiopia to defend itself against its aggressors.

Here's what Ethiopia needs to manufacture at home.

1. Spare parts for all the aircraft, it needs to work with Russia, United States and Sweden.
2. Missiles for the aircraft need to be produced.
3. Training facilitates + maintenance facilities need to be built.
4. METEC needs to start designing drones and arming them, we can ask the United States for help.

Ethiopians are strong people, I believe they can accomplish this goal.

Having a strong army and especially strong airforce is something to be proud of.