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Over 100k Ethiopians died in Eritrean war but what did we learn?

Post by Ethwar » 11 Jun 2019, 22:11

What did we learn from the deaths of our sons and daughters in the Eritrean war? We learnt to never make that mistake again because due to the Eritrean geography its much easier to defend than to capture. This is why in any war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, Ethiopia will be losing lots of soldiers against Eritrea's 1 million Shabian army.

Look at this, this is your sons and daughters who perished.

Ethiopian troops don't have to engage in risky ground warfare with Eritrea or Al Shaabab. We use both ground and air, the air will be supporting the ground troops.

What's the solution!

Upgrade our airforce with A10s, SU30MKI, MIG 31s and Gripen JAS 39s.