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Addis Ababa the capital of ancient Amharan Ethiopia

Post by fasil1235 » 11 Jun 2019, 18:10

Addis Ababa was the capital of Ethiopia 600 years ago it was a town called "Barara" it had Churches and castles like Gondar.

Barara - The surprise find of a medieval fortress just up from Addis Ababa University, A major one, with twelve towers, loopholes, deep and wide trenches, inner structures. In the context of a whole complex town, easily datable to the XV and the very first years of the XVI centuries, as the consequent decline of Ethiopia and occupation by mainly nomadic Oromos exclude any other more recent origin.
Rock-hewn churches, steps, palace bases, and a spring cut in the rock. Ornate stones of all sorts, including an unseen feline head protruding an horrible tongue. Paved roads and wall sided alleys, a residence of Royal standing and dozens and dozens of stones structures. A capital city of Abyssinia, re-discovered, after Minilik claimed discovery in 1881. Re-lost and long forgotten, covered in moss and bush. The missing link between the South expansion of Christianity at the slow fall of Axum and the Gondar Castles. The centre of a developed area Europeans respected as the fief of a mythic alley King, Prester John. Is this, then Barara, the quasi mythical Capital of Abassia or Abyssinia known to European medieval travellers?

Amaran Rock-Hewn Church of Barara

Amara is the largest ethnic group in Addis Ababa with 47% of the population. Amharas and Gurages together share 75 percent of Addis Ababa and the opposing oromos take only 19 percent we can now say that finfenne seems to not exist

The census of 2007 shows that their is a 3% difference between Gurage and Oromos now imagine every 400,000 Gurages protested in addis ababa :lol: it would be a big protest but imagine if all amara protest 1.2M people you won't be able to see how big the protest is :lol: :lol:
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Re: astounding evidence that proofs Addis Ababa should be incorporated to Amhara Kilil

Post by tolcha » 11 Jun 2019, 18:21

You can take it, if If you have balls in your bags!!! Qizenam!

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Re: Astounding Evidence that Testify That Addis Ababa is Amharaland

Post by Sadacha Macca » 11 Jun 2019, 19:37

agame boy,

going further back, you'd find the habeshat in yemen, while the oromos would be in the horn of africa, so let's not go there.
it's a fact that menelik displaced oromos to make addis abeba, hence the reason for our claims on it, not to mention its almost entirely surrounded on all sides by oromos, and it's a city dependent on oromia's food, water, etc, to survive: so we have even more reasons to claim it.

btw-raya and welkait will be their own states soon with wollo.

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