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Agenda 2063 - Ethiopian Army By Ethwar

Posted: 11 Jun 2019, 17:01
by Ethwar
A 10 year increase of Ethiopian troops from 165k to 350k and 150k in reserves with a total manpower of 500k troops. These troops split up into several brigades, commandos and special ops.

Majority of what we want here is easily manufactured in Ethiopia therefore we ain't spreading that much but rather updating by borrowing technology from Israel and South Africa.

1. Ethiopia manufactures and uses IWI Tavor for its armed forces and Ethiopian commandos use AK103, nothing changes with that.

2. Ethiopian continues to use the reliable PK machine guns. - Nothing changes here.

3. METEC signs a deal with South Africa to mass produce these equipments inside Ethiopia.

A. Rooikat

B. Patria AMV

C. Ratel

Ethiopia buys 100 tanks in the next 10 years from Ukraine and eastern Europe who are getting rid of the T84s.