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Agenda 2063 - Ethiopian Airforce By Ethwar

Post by Ethwar » 11 Jun 2019, 16:51

Ethiopia needs to increase its military budget from 300 million to 1 billion, the other 700 million will be used to purchase equipment for the next 10 years. The country's 300 million budget isn't enough to undertake its upgrades and needed equipment.

Here's the details.

"20" SU30MKI from India costing about 17 million each and in terms of delivery let's make the window 4 years.

The Gripen Jas 39, Ethiopia needs to balance its reliance on Russian arms by adding this great Swedish fighter to its list.

"30" each costing about 15-20 million and window delivery can be 7 years.

"10" MIG 31s

Cost per unit: 14 million

Spread the cost into 5 years, have 2 delivered every year.

"100" A10 warthogs, the United States is basically not using these great aircrafts anymore so they're selling them to their allies for cheap. They're used for ground assault and it will come handy against Eritrean rebels.

Cost per unit: 5 million

Spread it out in 10 years, have 10 delivered every year.