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We Wuz Kangz Rastafarian display anti Muslim Ethiopid racism, for daring to stand up for themselves

Post by EthnicallyMuslim » 10 Jun 2019, 17:45

Congoloid Rastafarian bigotry towards Muslim "Ethiopians", especially Muslim Highlanders/Amaras.

Those Bariyas think that they are literally Ethiopian Highlanders genetically and everything, they think that just because they are Christians/or other Kafirs that makes them more "Ethiopian" or "Ethiopian" Highlander than the Native Muslims, they think that Muslims are a threat to Ethiopia, even though they are not Ethiopians themselves let alone Proper Ethiopian Highlanders.

This is a video of a Bariya Rastafarian, lectureing Muslim Ethiopian Highlanders about their history and deny their oppression, and outright insult them. He act as if he is one of them, when they got nothing to do with them and don't want anything.

Black Rastafarians are essentially, trans-racials by definition, they think that they are part of the Northeast African Race, When they are Black Congoid Africans. They hate their Black African root and obsesses over North and Northeast Africans and interfere on their affairs, that they know nothing about.
Why are Muslim Highlanders so passive and weak and always white knighting and try to reason with Animals?