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Worst video on YouTube ever: What if Sub-Saharan Africa became a Single Country?

Post by EthnicallyMuslim » 10 Jun 2019, 17:17

This idea is very dangerous, and is calling for replacement of the Cushitic race, especially Muslim North/Central Cushitics by Black Christians. I don't want Muslim Abesha/Ethios to be a minority, within a minority, I don't want them to be a minority both racially, and religiously, and ethnically in their own country. Ethiopia is already 35-40% Muslim majority being of Cuhitic/Habesha Origin, and majority of the Ethiopia's land mass in ihabitied by Muslim Habeshas/Cushitics, yet people don't even recognized the Muslims, and think that it's a "Christian Island", imagine if Africa was a country, Muslim Habeshas would be ingnored and nobody would protect the rights of Muslims.

what really irritates me is that he lump Ethiopians, Muslim Ethios with Black Bariyas, but not the Sudanese who are blacker/Nilotic than them aside from Copts, Rashaidas, and Bejas (Who are similar to Ethiopians). Just because Ethiopians don't have a lot of sand, that makes them similar to Black Bariyas/Bantus, even more so than the Sudanese?