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Eritreans are not tolerate Ethiopians(if we have wisdom)

Post by dimetw » 10 Jun 2019, 15:23

Eritreans are not tolerate Ethiopians in every aspect they collaborate with our enemies and against us.
Eritreans are endless war against Ethiopia in the northern border Tigrai and Afar regional states.
Once for all Shabia must be crushed and Eritrea must be divided into three categories Tigre,Tigregna,Afar/Saho.
Ethiopia going to annex Saho/Afar territories to Tigrai and Afar regions resettlement programs around there under Ethiopians rule.
Second,Ethiopia must annex Gadarif and wedi Medeni where Ethiopian patriots beheaded.
The third expansion to southern east Kismayo which is Oromo occupied area.
The fourth is the settlement of 5 million Ethiopians in Djibouti.
Ethiopia need strong and strategic leadership not looters and liars.