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Failed Empires Are Dangerous (Dr. Tsegaye)

Post by Masud » 08 Jun 2019, 03:44

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Re: Failed Empires Are Dangerous (Dr. Tsegaye)

Post by TGAA » 10 Jun 2019, 19:23

Tsegay Ararssa (PHD??)
Lately Tsegay seems to be suffering from buyer’s remorse. For him looking back TPLF days looked much promising. Like the weyane honchos, Tsegay cockeyed way back about the doom and gloom of Ethiopia and the coming of utopian ormia kingdom. He declared that, there is no Ethiopian nationality. He coined name for more than 16 million Ethiopians living in the south sefaries, etc. He still sizzling about the regional administrator stating the obvious fact that ADDIS ABABA is the capital city of Ethiopia, that glorious city belongs to everybody living in it, no imposition from nowhere, just as reminder, Addis Ababa will remain the eternal city of Ethiopia. Period. What shook this …birth is that Ethiopian and Ethiopian nationality seems to have seven life just like the proverbial cat. Dream deferred, Tsegaye. The dead has reason forcefully- the poison that was injected has wined down, making it antidote instead of a threat for life. Now it seems you are frightened looking at this humongous but yet an coordinated Ethiopian nationalism rising again like. The populism of Kero you thought would bring about the demise of Ethiopia and it never was a threat, but the populism of Ethiopian nationalism OOOOOOOOOOOh NO“fascism” Who is leading this fascism none other than Eskender Nega who stood against your Ethnic cleansing agenda, Who stood against the social engineering project concocted by third rate mind of yours. You and your kinds are a nusense, but would never a threat. The threat that was is now seven foot under.
Herodotus wrote
The King of the Ethiopians advises the King of the Persians to bring overwhelming odds to attack the long-lived Ethiopians when the Persians can draw a bow of this length as easily as I do; but until then, to thank the gods who do not incite the sons of the Ethiopians to add other land to their own.
Hi who will have time to hear a fairy tale a bout century old country? Tsegay Arrarsa-- Don’t shake in your boots the country belongs to you too , just don’t dear to threaten Ethiopia.

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